Protect Your Business, Employees & Customers From Grease Fires

There are five primary sources of kitchen fires:

  • Cooking Equipment

  • Heating Equipment

  • Electrical/Lighting Equipment

  • Smoking Materials

  • Intentional/Arson

Cooking equipment is the source of 57% of all kitchen fires. When these fires start, your exhaust system is a strong ally, but only if your hood system is unimpeded and free from flammable grease and oil.

Exhaust hood cleaning protects your restaurant, kitchen, staff and customers. Regular hood cleaning is the best way to remove flammable residue, declog grimy and oily exhaust systems and decrease the risk of fire in your kitchen. Additionally, a clean and safe kitchen ensures a good image during compliance audits.

How Hood Cleaning Works

The Facilitec USA hood cleaning process keeps your kitchen safe and compliant by removing the food and grease residue that can cause exhaust hood fires.

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What we do:

  • Hand-scrape the exhaust system.

  • Apply the industry’s best cleaning solutions.

  • Pressure wash the system.

  • Repeat the process as needed until the hood is completely clean, safe and compliant.

We also specialize in mall restaurant cleaning services. Restaurant tenant leases rarely address exhaust system issues, leaving cleaning and maintenance under-addressed or completely ignored. Facilitec are industry experts in addressing these unique needs.

Why Choose Facilitec?

We want 100% confidence that the job has been done right so we always follow up with clients to ensure that your needs have been thoroughly met. We never compromise when it comes to customer satisfaction and safety. We are available 24/7

Call us at 855.805.4260 now to see what we can do for you and your establishment. There is more to kitchen safety than meets the eye, and Facilitec USA has our eyes open for you.