Mall restaurant tenants are unlike any other tenant because they generate grease. As a result, their operations are controlled by outside agencies such as health inspectors and fire marshals. Each restaurant tenant’s grease and smoke are vented away from the cooking area via rooftop exhaust fans. This grease collects and pools in the fans and then leaks onto the roof. Grease not only deteriorates the roofing system, voiding the warranty, it also poses a significant fire hazard.

Most foodservice tenant leases do not specifically address this issue from either a design or responsibility standpoint, compounding the problem. “That’s the landlord’s problem!” is the most common response we receive from mall restaurant owners when we inquire about how they handle rooftop grease.

Don’t wait for it to be an issue. Let us show you how to move beyond this dilemma with a system that offers safety and creates significant savings: Grease Lock & Omni Containment Systems.

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