Protect Your Business With Regular Hood Cleaning

Exhaust hood cleaning protects your business, facility, staff and customers. Many kitchen fires start on cooking appliances, which flare up into the exhaust system and leave dangerous, unsightly, flammable residue. Regular hood cleaning is the best way to remove that residue and decrease the risk of fire in your kitchen. Additionally, a clean and safe kitchen ensures a good image during compliance audits.

Facilitec USA provides highly specialized, NFPA-compliant hood cleaning services to chain and independent restaurants, hotels, casinos, hospitals, supermarkets, country clubs, schools, cafeterias, food processing facilities and industrial organizations.

Man Cleaning Industrial Hood

How Does Hood Cleaning Work?

The Facilitec USA hood cleaning process keeps your kitchen safe and compliant by removing the food and grease residue that can cause exhaust hood fires.

What we do:

  • Hand-scrape the exhaust system.

  • Apply the industry’s best cleaning solutions.

  • Pressure wash the system.

  • Repeat the process as needed until the hood is completely clean, safe, and compliant.

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Why Choose Facilitec?

Facilitec USA is a proud member of:

  • National Fire Protection Association.

  • Restaurant Facility Management Association

  • Power Washers of North America

  • International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association

We want 100% confidence that the job has been done right so we always follow up with clients to ensure that your needs have been thoroughly met. We never compromise when it comes to customer satisfaction and safety. We are available 24/7

Fully insured and bonded with nearly 30 years of experience, our full range of innovative cleaning solutions is guaranteed to keep your exhaust system grease-free and fire-safe.

If you want the job done right and want high value for your dollar, you can cross all other hood cleaning and grease containment companies off your list. We are confident that Facilitec USA is the first and only call you will have to make! Call us at 855.805.4260 to schedule.

Because we are committed to integrity and customer service, we are members of the Better Business Bureau and are Phil Ackland Certified and IKECA Certified.