Facilitec Meets The Unique Needs Of Industrial Clients

Many routine processes can create exhaust effluent. Oil, grease and a variety of chemicals enter the exhaust system, resulting in inhibited airflow and increased risk of fire. Manufacturing, food processing and other industrial processes can all lead to this type of effluent.

Facilitec USA is an industry leader in industrial exhaust system cleaning and equipment cleaning. We ensure that your facility will remain both clean and fire-safe, safeguarding the health and lives of your employees and clients.

Facilitec USA also provides a complete range of power washing and concrete cleaning solutions, each designed to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Man Cleaning Industrial Hood

Benefits of Routine Hood Cleaning

Regular, scheduled cleaning of chemical, exhaust, grease and fume hoods are necessary in order to:

  • Reduce the potential for flare-ups.

  • Promote improved flow of hazardous fumes.

  • Keep things moving smoothly through the exhaust system.

  • Increase your equipment’s energy efficiency.

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Why Choose Facilitec USA for Routine Cleaning?

Facilitec USA is a proud member of:

  • National Fire Protection Association.

  • Restaurant Facility Management Association

  • Power Washers of North America

  • International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (with certified inspectors and cleaning specialists)

We never cut corners. A common shortcut is to just clean the hood itself or just behind the filters. This neglects the build up in the duct system and the roof fan, and is highly dangerous. We ensure your industrial exhaust cleaning is thorough, quick, cost-effective and will keep your facilities safe.

We want 100% confidence that the job has been done right so we always follow up with clients to ensure that your needs have been thoroughly met. We never compromise when it comes to customer satisfaction and safety. We are available 24/7.

Call us at 855.805.4260 to schedule routine industrial cleanings with us.