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Rooftop Grease Containment Products

Installation and Maintenance

Installation - Tools Required: Tape Measure, Marker, Scissors and a Drill.
Maintenance Program - Proper maintenance of your G2® Grease Guard® will assure absolute protection from rooftop grease damage. We understand that what is out of sight is sometimes out of mind. Understanding the demands of running a fast-paced concept, Facilitec has developed a program that will not only protect your facilities, but will also give you peace of mind that your stores are being protected from rooftop grease damage. G2® Grease Guard® maintenance programs are custom tailored to meet the needs of both your organization and the individual needs of your stores. Your concept's style of cooking, store volume and the number of G2® Grease Guard® units installed at each facility will determine the type and frequency of the maintenance program we design for you. Rest assured that with the G2® Grease Guard® maintenance program that your facilities will be protected.
Filters are rotated or replaced based on type and volume of grease/oil produced:
Filter Rotations: Rotation will be a 90 degree or 180 degree turn of the Advanced Filter Composite® center filter media depending on the volume of grease being discharged. This is done to maximize filter life.
Filter Replacements: Complete Advanced Filter Composite® center filter replacement service is provided depending on individual exhaust fan discharge volume and your facility's needs.
Service Intervals: Service is provided on a three, four, six or twelve month service cycle. Intervals vary depending on store volume, cooking discharge and overall facility needs.
"By protecting our roofing investment with the Grease Guard National Account Maintenance Program, we are eliminating major rooftop grease problems and are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in premature roof repairs and/or replacements. Not to mention getting rid of an unsightly mess and safety hazard."
-Perkins Family Restaurants, Director, Corporate Construction & Facilities
"After testing and using several different types of grease containment systems, Grease Guard has proven to be the only effective solution to our rooftop grease problems."
-Applebee's International, Equipment Purchasing Manager